Spring Billing Changes

Beginning November 12, you will receive bills showing your student account charges for Spring 2019.  Please be aware that the new spring payment due date is December 5. 

New Spring Bill due date: December 5

  • In past years, the bills for spring were due in the first week of January.
  • Beginning this year, the new spring bill due date is December 5.
  • We realize that changing the due date a few weeks earlier is a significant change, so we are giving you advance notice of this change and giving you more time to make payments.

‚ÄčNew payment plan splits amount due into 5 smaller payments!

  • Beginning with your spring bill, the optional payment plan divides your balance into 5 payments
  • This optional 5-payment plan allows you to pay smaller payments each month.
  • If you choose to sign up for the plan, you must do so by December 5 to avoid having your classes cancelled.
  • $55 setup fee is required when you opt-in to the plan.
  • This new 5-payment plan does NOT require a 10% down payment.
  • The first payment for this plan is due December 31. The remaining payments are due Jan 31, Feb 28, Mar 31, and Apr 30.

Action Date: December 5

  • Take action by December 5: Either sign up for the payment plan, or pay your bill in full.
  • At 11:59pm on December 5, your classes will be cancelled if you have not paid your balance in full or signed up for a payment plan.

Financial Aid & Refunds

  • Accepted financial aid for the spring 2019 term will be processed daily beginning November 9, so your bills will indicate the amount of pending financial aid.
    • Please note: All requirements/documentation for loans must be completed before this amount can be disbursed (applied) to your account.  
  • Financial aid refunds will still be processed the first week of classes. If you are due a refund, you will see a negative balance on your account before the refund is processed. 
  • Refunds will begin showing on your account 7 business days prior to the first day of classes each semester. 
  • If you are due a refund, you will receive your refund check/deposit during the first week of classes. 

For those who want to know the reason for these changes

  • The university has been researching ways to help remove barriers to student success and progression related to registration holds, cancellation processes, and payment plans. On average, every semester, 845 students have their courses cancelled for non-payment during the first cancellation process.
  • By moving the due date earlier, we are able to offer a 5-installment payment plan so students can make smaller payments than previously with the 3-installment payment plan. 
  • Based on student and authorized payer survey results, the majority of responders preferred the 5-installment payment plan vs the 3-installment payment plan.
  • Having a payment plan with 5 installments allows us to remove the 10% down payment requirement.
  • Moving the due date earlier also gives the university more time to communicate early warnings of holds and cancellations.