Refunds for Withdrawal

Tuition/fees refunds due to withdrawal

  • A student who drops a course(s) prior to the add/drop date may be entitled to a reduction of tuition and fees.
  • A student who withdraws from the university may be entitled to a reduction of tuition and fees.
  • The amount of the reduction, if any, will be determined by the date on which the student drops the course(s) or withdraws from the University. (See withdrawal refund schedules below)

Refund dates and deadlines

  • The deadline to drop a course and receive a tuition refund, while still remaining registered in other courses, is the last day of the add/drop period for the term.
    • Refer to the Academic Calendar for the "last day to add/drop with no grade" for each term. 
  • After the add/drop period has ended, there will be NO tuition refunds for a partial courseload withdrawal. 
    • A student would need to withdraw from ALL courses to receive a tuition reduction or refund (subject to proation based on withdrawal date - see withdrawal refund schedule below). 

Dropping or withdrawing from all classes

  • Starting on the first day of classes, students who wish to drop or withdraw from ALL registered courses must completely withdraw from the university to avoid academic or financial responsibility.
  • Check the important links on the Withdrawing from UNC Charlotte website to be sure that you have completed all of the appropriate notifications.
  • Special course fees, health insurance premium and matriculation fee will not be reduced/refunded after the add/drop period has ended. 

Withdrawal refund schedules:

Returning financial aid money after withdrawing

  • Students who have been awarded federal financial aid are subject to the Return of Title IV Funds policy if they withdraw from courses or withdraw from the University.
  • Withdrawing from courses may require the return of awarded Title IV funds and may result in a balance due on your tuition and fees bill. 
  • Federal Title IV aid includes Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, PLUS Loans, Pell Grants, SEOG Grants, ACG Grants, and SMART Grants.

Appeal for Tuition, Housing and Dining Refund

  • Students who experience extenuating circumstances that warrant consideration of a refund may submit an Appeal for Tuition, Housing and Dining Refund to request a reduction in charges.
  • The appeal must be substantiated by medical reasons, unexpected employment changes, death in the immediate family, or University error and will be reviewed by the University Appeals Committee.
  • Tuition refunds will not be considered if the student has received a grade other than a "W'.