Classroom instruction methods for Fall 2020

We are committed to providing an excellent academic experience, even as we adapt classroom instruction, course design, and campus activities to meet necessary safety measures during this pandemic.

Classroom instruction methods for Fall

  • Face-to-face classroom instruction will continue to be offered this fall.
  • Many courses will have a hybrid approach that splits time between face-to-face and remote instruction. Hybrid classes allow us to ensure that we can provide appropriate physical distancing in the classroom.
  • Other courses may be migrated to thoughtfully designed fully online formats.
  • We anticipate most students’ schedules will have a combination of hybrid, face-to-face courses, and online courses. 
  • For students who registered for courses before June, please review your schedule as some of the course instruction methods may have changed to allow for necessary social distancing and reduced class size.
    • You may adjust your schedule through September 14 (the last day to add/drop a course with no grade).
    • Because the fall schedule is still under development, we suggest that you wait to make changes until we complete our updates. More information will be announced as plans are finalized.​​

  • Note: A student’s tuition and fees charges are based on program type, not course delivery. Distance Education tuition and fee rates are applicable only to a designated Distance Education degree program.  

We’re prepared to teach you and create an engaging campus environment.

  • To prepare for these changes, our faculty members are participating in a variety of training opportunities this summer and adopting best practices for online teaching in their courses.
    • Many faculty members have completed a rigorous national certification for quality assurance in online education. 
  • We are working to create other opportunities for social engagement on campus and in residence halls with events that meet safety guidelines and expectations. More information will be announced as plans are finalized.

Selecting your classes

This fall, when you select your classes in Banner or Schedule Wizard, you will see a description of the instructional method for each course. You can sort by these options when searching for courses.

  • Face-to-Face Instruction  
    • ​​Attend face-to-face classes at a fixed and regular meeting time
    • Held in classrooms and labs with enough space to allow for social distancing
  • Hybrid
    • ​Attend a face-to-face class at a fixed and regular meeting time, plus engage in an online component
    • The options for the online component may include:
      • Synchronous delivery (specific meeting times)
      • Asynchronous delivery (no specific meeting times)
      • Simulcast delivery (one group of students attends a face-to-face class once a week while the other group views the class live online synchronously, then the groups switch)
  • Online: No Specific Meeting Times (aka asynchronous)
    • Fully online with no specific meeting times
  • Online: Specific Meeting Times (aka synchronous)
    • Fully online with specific meeting times, meeting on a regular schedule.​

Viewing instructional methods after registration

To view a course method of instruction, log in to Click the Banner Self Service icon under Quick Links. Click the Student Services/Student Accounts tab. Click Registration, then click Student Detail Schedule. Select Fall 2020, then Submit. You will see the type of instruction as shown in the example below. 

Search by instructional method:

Banner Self Service > Student Services/Student Accounts > Registration > Look-up Classes to Add > Fall 2020 and Submit > Advanced Search > Select specific Subject and Course, and Instructional Method.


Filtering by instructional method in Schedule Wizard:

Laptop requirement for new students

We want you to be properly prepared with the technology needed for your college career.

  • We have a new laptop requirement for all incoming students starting this fall. By having your own laptop, you will be able to access the tools needed in your coursework this semester and throughout your degree program.
  • You may bring a laptop you already have or choose to purchase one from any vendor. You are encouraged to explore the laptop bundles available for purchase through the NinerTech store, which will meet your educational needs for four years and beyond.
  • Read the laptop requirement FAQs here.


  • When you select your classes in Banner Self-Service or Schedule Wizard, you will see a description of the instructional method for each course. You can sort by these options when searching for courses.
  • On some screens, you will see an abbreviation indicating the type of delivery:
    • HY = Hybrid 
    • IA = Internet asynchronous
    • IS = Internet synchronous
    • TR = Face-to-Face Instruction
  • It is possible that some courses will change how they are delivered this fall, especially if you registered before June.
  • Any changes to course delivery should be finalized by August.
  • Please check your course schedule in Banner in August to note whether your courses are face-to-face (TR), hybrid (HY), online asynchronous (IA), or online synchronous (IS).

  • You can change your schedule without affecting your grades until the end of the Add/Drop period, which runs through September 14. You can drop a course and remain enrolled in other courses, or register for another course.

  • More online courses are offered for fall semester to ensure the university can provide appropriate physical distancing in classrooms and to accommodate students who are unable to meet face-to-face due to health concerns.
  • Instructors who are teaching online courses this fall have participated in training this summer and have had plenty of time to design quality online courses.
  •  Your tuition and fee charges are based on program type, not course delivery.
  • If you have been admitted to a Main Campus program, your charges will reflect Main Campus tuition and fee rates, regardless of course instruction method (online, in-person, hybrid, etc.).
  • A student in a Distance Education program will have tuition and fee charges that reflect the Distance Education rates.
  • For example, if a Main Campus student registers for an online course (or their course is changed to online delivery) they will still be assessed the main campus tuition and fee rates. The only way to receive the Distance Education tuition and fee rates is if you are in a designated Distance Education program. 
  • Course delivery is still being finalized for some courses. There is not a set ratio for face-to-face vs. online/remote delivery.
  • Each academic department will determine how to offer courses based on the specific circumstances of that department.