Summer 2020 Information

​If you are planning to take summer classes, we want you to be aware of some changes happening for summer 2020.

Summer term names 

  • The names for the summer terms have changed. 
    • Summer I is now called Summer First Half. 
    • Summer II is now called Summer Second Half. 
    • Extended Summer is now called Summer Full Term. 
  • This is helpful to know when filtering your schedule for classes by session.

Summer courses 

  • NEW:  ALL courses for Summer Full Term, Summer First Half, and Summer Second Half will be completely online.

Applying for summer financial aid

Receiving financial aid 

  • In past years, summer financial aid was applied separately to your account at the beginning of Summer I and Summer II.  
  • This year, if you are registered for classes in both Summer First Half and Summer Second Half, or if you are registered for Summer Full Term, your financial aid will be disbursed (applied) to your account at the beginning of Summer First Half.
  • If you only registered for Summer Second Half classes, your financial aid will be disbursed (applied) to your account at the beginning of Summer Second Half.
SUMMER Financial Aid
applied to account
First Day Add/Drop Census Withdrawal Term Ends
Full Term May 8 May 18 May 19 Jul 1 Jul 2  Aug 5
First Half May 8 May 18 May 19 Jul 1 Jun 8 Jun 24
Second Half Jun 19* Jun 29 Jun 30 Jul1 Jul 20 Aug 5

* Applies to students who are enrolled only for Second Half

Registering for prerequisite classes in Second Half

  • If you are taking a prerequisite class in First Half that is required for a class in Summer Second Half, you may need to meet with your advisor to get an override that will allow you to register for both classes before the beginning of the Summer First Half. 

Summer bill due dates

  • Summer payment due dates are posted here.
  • If you register for ANY summer classes on or before May 19, your payment is due May 19.
    • If payment is not received by May 19, 2020, ALL Summer courses registered for at that point will be cancelled. 
  • If you register for Summer Second Half classes between May 20 and June 30, or incur any new charges after May 19, your payment is due June 30.

Payment plan

  • There is only one summer payment plan offered, and it breaks up your balance into 3 installments. 
  • Enrollment for the Summer payment plan opens on May 1.
  • The installment due dates are: May 22, June 12, & June 30.
  • Note that these are all due prior to Summer Second Half
  • So if you are only taking classes in Summer Second Half and you need a payment plan, be sure to register for those classes early, and sign up for the payment plan before May 22.
  • The fee to sign up for a summer payment plan is $15.

Withdrawing from all summer classes

  • If you need to withdraw from all your Summer First Half classes after you received your financial aid disbursement, and you aren’t registered in any summer second half classes before you withdraw, you may be required to pay back some or all of the financial aid you received. 
    • In addition, if you withdraw from all your summer classes anytime after the add/drop deadline, you cannot subsequently register for a Summer Second Half class.
  • Everyone’s situation is different, so we encourage you to contact Niner Central FIRST if you are considering withdrawing from any classes so we can guide you through your options.