Transient Study

Transient students are UNC Charlotte degree-seeking students who are also taking courses at another college (typically during summer terms). UNC Charlotte is considered to be the home institution and the school you will be attending is the host institution.  

How to request a permit for Transient Study:

  1. Complete and submit this Transient Study Form to Niner Central. Be sure get approval for transient study prior to taking any outside course(s).
  2. Register and pay out-of-pocket for all courses at host institution. 
  3. If you need financial aid, submit the Transient Study - Financial Aid Request Form with documentation as requested on the form.

Financial Aid for Transient Study

Transfer credits taken through Transient Study

  • Courses at other institutions can not be used to Grade Replace courses attempted at UNC Charlotte via transient study.  
  • Courses at other institutions can not be used to calculate into your UNC Charlotte GPA via transient study. 
  • No credit will be accepted for courses below a C level for undergraduate students. 
  • Please review this additional information regarding transfer credit from other institutions.  

Submitting Academic Transcripts following transient study term

  • It is your responsibility to make sure that the Office of the Registrar at UNC Charlotte receives a final copy of the academic transcript from the host school after the transient term is over.
  • Transcripts need to be received by the scheduled deadlines indicated on the Transient Study-Financial Aid Request Form. 
  • If transcripts are not received, financial aid may be canceled for that term, and future requests will be denied.