SAP Appeals

Students who are not meeting SAP may appeal their eligibility to receive aid by completing the appeal process below.

Appeal Submission Deadlines

  • August 1 - Deadline to submit a SAP appeal to receive aid for each fall semester
    • Note: For the Fall 2020 semester the university will accept late appeals through August 31.
  • January 27 - Deadline to submit a SAP appeal to receive aid for Spring 2021.

Maximum Number of Appeals: Students are limited to a maximum of three approved appeals during their program of study. (Example: You can apply for an appeal as many times as you want, but once you have 3 approved appeals, you can no longer appeal.)  Students who are not progressing due to not completing their degree in the maximum time-frame may only appeal once.  

Appeal Form: The SAP Appeal form is available online. 

  • A detailed explanation of the extenuating circumstances that occurred during the specific semester in which the student failed to meet the SAP standards. 
  • All necessary documentation to support the existence of the circumstances described (examples would include letter from doctor, clergy, professional, etc…) and evidence that the circumstances have been resolved. 
  • Incomplete appeals will not be reviewed.  If additional information is required, an email will be sent to the student’s UNC Charlotte email account as well as a message posted on the Banner Self-Service system.  After 30-days of being incomplete, the appeal will be denied.
  • All documents received with the appeal form become the property of The Office of Financial Aid.  Students are advised not to submit originals. 
  • Once all required documentation is submitted, students will be notified electronically of the outcome of their appeal.  Appeal decisions will be updated on the Banner Self-Service system.

Students should allow up to 3 weeks for a decision to be received on their appeal. The appeal will be communicated via email and Banner Self-Service, with a status of either Denied, or Approved for Financial Aid Probation, with a requirement to submit an Academic Acknowledgment Plan.

  • An appeal approval is good for one probationary term only, which means the student is eligible to receive one semester of funding.
  • If the student is not enrolled in the semester for which the Financial Aid Probation status was assigned, the probationary status will remain indefinitely until the student returns.
  • If a student receives approval for an appeal based on exceeding the maximum number of credit hours in their program, the approval will only allow them to receive aid for one additional semester.

All students whose SAP appeals are approved must submit an Academic Acknowledgment Plan as their final step in the appeal process. The Academic Acknowledgment Plan will be included in the decision email, if the appeal is approved. Please note: if a student does not complete the final step of submitting an Academic Acknowledgment Plan, then their aid will not disburse to their account, even though their appeal was approved.

  • The Academic Acknowledgment Plan requires the student to list their registered courses for the semester and agree to completion of those courses (no withdrawals, incompletes, or failing grades), with a grade point average of a 2.5 or above in the probationary semester and 75% completion rate.
  • A review of the Academic Acknowledgment Plan will be conducted by financial aid counselors at the end of the semester. If the student is adhering to the plan and making successful progress, their eligibility will remain intact and the student will sign a new Academic Acknowledgment Plan for the following semester.

Read the full SAP Policy and Progress Standards