Verification for updated FAFSAs

If the information reported on your FAFSA changes mid-year,  you may be selected for "Verification."   

Why did this happen?

  • We received an updated FAFSA that has conflicting information from the FAFSA that we originally received.  
  • Because the information on the new FAFSA is different from your first FAFSA for the same year, we need you to confirm why the information changed.
  • This is what we call the "verification process".

What do you need to do?

  • Look in your account in My UNC Charlotte.  Here you will see what additional documents you need to submit to verify the correct financial information for your FAFSA. 
  • If you don't submit these forms by the May 30th deadline, we cannot reinstate your Pell grant award.  Therefore, you will have a balance due to the university.

Your Next Steps:

Follow these instructions to view the required documents needed to complete your audit process:

  1. Log in to Banner Self-Service in My UNC Charlotte.
  2. Click on "Check Here To See If You Have Missing Requirements or Holds" in the Financial Aid Tab.
  3. Select the aid year and click Submit.
  4. Review your unsatisfied requirements.
  5. Submit all requested information via fax to 704-687-1425.

We will review and process your submitted documents within 15 business days.  If you have any other questions after reviewing your account, you may call our office at 704-687-5504.


  • The deadline to submit these forms is May 30.